March 2, 2013

I just released a little tool called MiniConsole. It’s a general purpose console, that can launch commands like DOS shell commands, batch files, python scripts, etc.

miniconsole screenshot

I’m using it to launch the dev server of Google App Engine, actually devappserver2 which only comes as a python command line to execute in a DOS prompt. So by launching it in MiniConsole I can resize the window as I want and color errors, warnings, exception, 404s, 500s, etc. In my case, why not use Google App Engine Launcher? Because the log window is not that good and it doesn’t support devappserver2 anyway.

It has very simple file system completion and remembers the last command, working directory, highlights, window size and position. You know, the little things. It can also redirect CTRL+C to the process, which for GAE will close it properly, saving datastore, search indexes, etc.

Download and more info here


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