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April 1, 2008

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Last day in San Francisco

February 23, 2008

Hey! I did just have my last day at the GDC and in San Francisco, and will fly back to France tomorrow morning. There’s a transfer in New York but it’s a couple of hours to take the second flight, so too bad I won’t be able to visit this city. Anyway these 3 days in here were pretty good! I’m not gonna say ‘awesome’ because some of the (programming) sessions didn’t met my expectations (too technical and fast and not so useful, not technical at all, etc.), and also because 3 days is really short to visit the city, especially when you are all days long in a building.

But I repeat it was great! We went to the Ubisoft’s party at the Fluid Bar (it’s a kind of club more than a bar) for the End War game’s presentation and .. I don’t even remember the initial theme/goal of the party. Anyway we enjoyed the free bar, I came back to hotel with a perlin disturbance in my walk and this morning was really difficult …

Today, after the last session at the Moscone Center, I took a random cable train near the hotel (on Powel St) and stopped at the last station! And in fact I arrived at Fisherman’s Wharf (top north of SF), and it was really nice. I found the cable train really cool, with great sightseeings from the top of some hills.

fisherman's wharf

People here are cool! In half an hour I met 4 different people, I mean I spoke to them between 5 and 20 minutes, in the street, in the cable train, … and this kind of situation never happens (to me at least) in France. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m French and they can hear that or because I was alone (Arnaud took a walk in another part of the city), but I think it’s more a general way of life because they talk to others American people too. Whatever that’s a nice feeling, and they’re also polite and do not seem stressed, it’s totally the opposite of the Parisians behavior.

There was a very strong smell near the Fisherman’s Wharf, because of the bay I guess and all the fish and crab restaurants! So I walked a little, the night was falling, and I reached a pier where I could hear and see some seahorses and have a nice view on Alcatraz, the Golden Gate bridge, a big part of the city all lighted, and other cities around forming tons of lights on some kind of small mountains. It was really nice!

san francisco

I’m totally exhausted and tomorrow is gonna be a looooong day. I’ll try to talk more about what I’ve seen at the GDC and post some photos soon 😉


First day in San Francisco

February 21, 2008

Hey! First of all, Arnaud could make it, he’s here, it’s gonna be quite more fun for the next days to discuss about the GDC sessions we’ll see and visit San Francisco.

Yesterday after dinner, we had a long walk, and went on the top of some hills to see a bit more the city. Well the view is not that good because of all the buildings hiding everything, but there are some good spots anyway! Some hills are incredibly sloping (maybe 30 or 40 degres)! It’s impossible to stand at the ground’s normal (geek stupid joke in the street).

Before he arrived from the airport I went for a walk too with my D200 camera, and now my battery is not charged anymore, like I planned (I forgot my battery charger at my mom’s). I bought a few candies and chocolate stuff that you can’t find in France (peanut butter M&M’s, cinnamon stuff, etc.). Here are some random things I noted:

  • people don’t have dogs
  • people are doing jogging (I saw 3 or 4 persons, 6, 9, .. and then a group of about 30 runners!)
  • there are a lot of classy hotels
  • there are many homeless people
  • Starbucks is much cheaper than in France (3.4$ vs. 4.6E for the same beverage)
  • the city is very nice!

I can’t post any photo because I didn’t took my usb cable! I’ll make it up once I go back home.

It’s 7:22am and we’re going for the 2nd day at the GDC! I’ll tell you more about the first day at the GDC next time, it was REALLY great! Just to tease a bit, the session of the Bioshock’s storytelling (Empowering Players to Care About Your Stupid Story) was the best I saw and maybe has the best interest to be applied in our games.

Oh and just a thing, in my both flies (Paris – Chicago, Chicago – SF), there was this french movie actor, I even asked him for a pen, but I can’t figure it out who’s this! I have a ridiculously tiny photo took with my cellphone, so someone could tell me his name! That’s weird he took the fly to SF too, I have a doubt he’s actually a Ubisoft employee, but .. no I’m sure it’s an actor! Or not.


18 hours later

February 20, 2008

Hi there, just a few words to say I just arrived to my hotel. It has been a 18 hours trip with a transfert at Chicago. I have no news about Arnaud, he has been stuck in Paris because his passeport wasn’t a biometric one, and on the U.S. only, it has to be. I hope he did succeed to obtain a new one within the day and will take a fly today …

I’m currently connected to a free WiFi access, lucky me because the hotel’s Wireless connection isn’t free.

In Chicago, I met some engine programmers from Midway that were going to the GDC. I was waiting for the flight when I heard about ‘Design … Halo 3 … everything in the same time’, then I asked and my guess my right 🙂

I’m gonna take a few steps outside to see what’s near the hotel (I’m a bit hungry but I don’t know if there is anything still open), and after that a short sleep (I’m totally exhausted) before going to the Moscone Center.


GDC 2008

February 18, 2008

Hi there, today was my last presentation at school (there’s still my intership presentation at the end of the year but..) about my external activities during my 5th year, meaning my work at Ubisoft. So now I can really say my work ‘at school’ is over!

I’m working in the company for 2 years now, and tomorrow I’ll be flying to San Francisco with my friend and colleague Arnaud to assist to the Game Developer Conference (GDC) 2008. It’s only a 4 days trip, but I’m sure it totally worth it!


There are so many lectures and presentations, we can’t see everything we want to :/ But we’re really looking foward to watch some of them:

All these are in the Game Design track (remember we’re developers ;)) but seem to be very interesting from a gameplay point of view. And of course technical sessions like:

And personally, I would enjoy assist to the next ones but it’s often in the same time that to biggest ones above.

Here is the programming track (almost 100 sessions) and here is the game design one (about 150 sessions). These are the two tracks we’re really interested in. Too bad we can’t see the Ubisoft’s conferences.

I’m really exited with the idea of going to the United States for the first time! I’ll try to take a few photos of San Francisco, stay tuned.