Photoshop math with HLSL shaders

January 8, 2009

See my original post about Photoshop math in GLSL (blending modes, contrast, desaturation, RGB to HSL). Now it’s also in HLSL!

Download PhotoshopMath.hlsl



  1. Hello. This post was very interesting for me. Thanks very much! Now I am sure about the algorithms (functions) of the levels operations on photoshop softwre. I’m trying to understand some algorithms to write the code in a language program with I can use for now. I’m also reading the page about gamma correction (for RGB image!!! I never could do it!). I intend to understand so write a routine eith it.
    I alreary did some thing. I would like to know if I can exchnage some experience with this site!!! Please! I thank you again!

  2. Super awesome, thanks for sharing!

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