First day in San Francisco

February 21, 2008

Hey! First of all, Arnaud could make it, he’s here, it’s gonna be quite more fun for the next days to discuss about the GDC sessions we’ll see and visit San Francisco.

Yesterday after dinner, we had a long walk, and went on the top of some hills to see a bit more the city. Well the view is not that good because of all the buildings hiding everything, but there are some good spots anyway! Some hills are incredibly sloping (maybe 30 or 40 degres)! It’s impossible to stand at the ground’s normal (geek stupid joke in the street).

Before he arrived from the airport I went for a walk too with my D200 camera, and now my battery is not charged anymore, like I planned (I forgot my battery charger at my mom’s). I bought a few candies and chocolate stuff that you can’t find in France (peanut butter M&M’s, cinnamon stuff, etc.). Here are some random things I noted:

  • people don’t have dogs
  • people are doing jogging (I saw 3 or 4 persons, 6, 9, .. and then a group of about 30 runners!)
  • there are a lot of classy hotels
  • there are many homeless people
  • Starbucks is much cheaper than in France (3.4$ vs. 4.6E for the same beverage)
  • the city is very nice!

I can’t post any photo because I didn’t took my usb cable! I’ll make it up once I go back home.

It’s 7:22am and we’re going for the 2nd day at the GDC! I’ll tell you more about the first day at the GDC next time, it was REALLY great! Just to tease a bit, the session of the Bioshock’s storytelling (Empowering Players to Care About Your Stupid Story) was the best I saw and maybe has the best interest to be applied in our games.

Oh and just a thing, in my both flies (Paris – Chicago, Chicago – SF), there was this french movie actor, I even asked him for a pen, but I can’t figure it out who’s this! I have a ridiculously tiny photo took with my cellphone, so someone could tell me his name! That’s weird he took the fly to SF too, I have a doubt he’s actually a Ubisoft employee, but .. no I’m sure it’s an actor! Or not.



  1. Cool to know that Arnaud finally rejoin you 🙂 I read some article about the BioShock session and it seems very interesting ! have fun in San Francisco ! 🙂

  2. Oh believe me people actually do have dogs here. That’s one of the most dog-friendly city I know.
    I love this city hope you ll have a good time here!
    Feel free to Stop by our store ( on Union and Octavia) and ask for Gaelle = special SF advisor for French people :-))

    Enjoy your stay!

  3. Yeah very good time here! Maybe people are dog-friendly, but in 99% of the streets I’ve seen there wasn’t any dog!

    I’me leaving tomorrow morning, so I won’t be able to step by to your store … maybe for the GDC 2009 😉

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