18 hours later

February 20, 2008

Hi there, just a few words to say I just arrived to my hotel. It has been a 18 hours trip with a transfert at Chicago. I have no news about Arnaud, he has been stuck in Paris because his passeport wasn’t a biometric one, and on the U.S. only, it has to be. I hope he did succeed to obtain a new one within the day and will take a fly today …

I’m currently connected to a free WiFi access, lucky me because the hotel’s Wireless connection isn’t free.

In Chicago, I met some engine programmers from Midway that were going to the GDC. I was waiting for the flight when I heard about ‘Design … Halo 3 … everything in the same time’, then I asked and my guess my right 🙂

I’m gonna take a few steps outside to see what’s near the hotel (I’m a bit hungry but I don’t know if there is anything still open), and after that a short sleep (I’m totally exhausted) before going to the Moscone Center.


One comment

  1. I hope you asked them about Hour of Victory :p

    Too bad for Arnaud, hope he will make it…

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