Snowscoot at Meribel

February 17, 2008

I was in my old town (Aix les Bains, Savoy, in the Alps) this week end, where my mom and some of my best friends live, and as often during the winter I went for a ride at Meribel Mottaret with my buddy Jeff. This time I wanted to try snowscoot, and I did!


First thing: it’s SO heavy, when you have to carry it in the street and can’t make it slide because there is no snow, it’s such a pain in the ass.

Well I gave it back to the renting store about 30 mins after I took it! The ride was incredibly intense, I mean after taking one downhill I couldn’t feel my muscles. It’s quite easy to control the first time (if you’re already snowboarding I guess), you have to do some hard and quick moves with your pelvis and legs, and balance your weight between the two skates. So after 2 or 3 turns I was controlling it, but the hardest part is to resist during the full ride to shakes (even if it has shock absorbers) and the pain in your hands/arms! I guess my technique wasn’t the best one but I seriously need to strengthen myself! SharkOne, I totally disagree with your “muscles suck”.

I could have keep it but I thought quite quickly that the sensations were not as cool as I expected and I would have regret my snowboard 1 hour later because I go snowboarding only a few days every year, so …

Anyway I succeed to do a ridiculous jump AND a small fall. That was a really good experience, I wanted to try, now it’s done and I’m sure I’m definitely a snowboarder 🙂

Oh and lucky me, what a sky and sun all day long!


I can’t edit the video shot by Jeff of me riding the snowscoot, but I’ll post it when I come back in Paris, till then here is a video showing some insane gap jumps with snowscoots:


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  1. Hahaha nice. What I meant by “muscles suck” is more about the fact that if you stop working out, you lose them very fast. Hard to gain, easy to lose. But of course having muscles is nice to do stuff 😀

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